Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Fold the Sidewinder

Why a folding recumbent? Well, there are several reasons why we created the ability to fold the recumbent bike.

1. Ease of transportation: transporting a recumbent can be very difficult because of the size and awkwardness of the trike. The Sidewinder has quick release features for all of its folding points including the seat, wheels and front tube. Once the seat and wheels come off all that is left is the frame which compacts down. A recent comment from a new Sidewinder owner as to the reason they purchased the trike was because they were able to fold the trike and put it into their Toyota Corolla!
2. Storage: recumbent trikes take up a lot of room unless you can vertical mount to a wall or attach to your ceiling in the garage, but wait, how would you get it up there in the first place? You will avoid all of that with Sidewinder because of the ability to fold up the front tube. This feature cuts the Sidewinder length in half thus reducing the storage capacity. If you need more storage than this, you can take the steps from above #1 and completely fold the recumbent trike.

3. Commuting: yes, many of our Sidewinder Cycle riders are commuters that enjoy the experience of getting in some exercise before and after work. The problem faced with some commuters is where to store your bike once at work. Again, look at above #1 and #2 for options.

Till next time, keep it Bent!