Monday, October 18, 2010

The Experience of a New Recumbent Trike Owner

It's part of our corporate values, we believe in what we do and our products, so why not allow for all to follow the "real" adventures of a new Sidewinder recumbent trike owner. Our new trike owner is all the way across the world in Auckland, New Zealand. Let me introduce you to Cliff.

Cliff contacted Sidewinder Cycle wanting to explore if this recumbent trike would be right for him. After several calls via Skype and emails, he was sold on the features that fit his cycling needs. Cliff decided upon the ProCruiser model.

The trike is currently being shipped and should arrive shortly. Cliff has decided to share with everybody his experiences with the recumbent trike and promises to send pictures of the Sidewinder Cycle in front of an iconic New Zealand location.

We will share Cliff's post on our blog and facebook page but you can also follow him first hand at his blog.

We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we will.

Keep getting Bent!