Monday, July 18, 2011

"Jim Talks" about eHub Recumbent Trikes

Chief Engineer James Nunes of Sidewinder Cycle shares why customers choose adding an eHub motor to their recumbent trike.

About Sidewinder Cycle: Recumbent Trike Manufacturer Official channel providing behind the scenes, product updates, rides and fun from the "Ultimate in Comfort" recumbent trike that folds and offers Electric Recumbent Trike models.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Jim Talks" eHub Motors

Chief Engineer, James Nunes again shares his recumbent expertise in what he likes to call, "Jim Talks" series. James has been building recumbent trikes for over 15 years and is an industry leader in the progression of recumbent trikes using eHub and electric assist motors.

Listen as Jim discusses the variety of batteries that are available and what he recommends.

Sidewinder Cycle, Inc. – Sidewinder Cycle is a leading maker of recumbent trikes. Based in Fillmore, Ca., Sidewinder makes two recumbent trike models – the best selling SportZ and the ProCruiser. Both models feature the company’s patented front wheel drive power source with rear wheel steering. Sidewinder’s mission is to perfect the recumbent exercise experience while providing the most comfortable ride. Its motto, “Bent for Health” plays on what recumbents are sometimes referred to (bent) and their long standing mission on being healthy. Sidewinder Cycle can be found on the Web at

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recumbent Trike Stability

Dating back to the first discussions that I can remember, people always asked about the stability of recumbents which lead to many opinions and speculations. Bottom line, any bike, trike, tricycle, quad or wheeled vehicle will have stability issues. Many factors contribute to stability including design, tire pressure, speed and riders ability. Below, James Nunes, Chief Designer of Sidewinder Cycle discusses some of these factors for recumbent trike riders.

For more information about recumbent trike stability or further information about Sidewinder cycle please visit us at or email us at

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another reason: Why we build Recumbent Trikes

Inspiration comes in many forms, for us at Sidewinder Cycle that would include three wheeled designs and stories that entail the creative force behind the design. Many times we overlook the "why" we first started building recumbent trikes. A recent article and subsequent exploration of the inspiration behind the article provided us with the reminder to the "why".

In the Kent Patch was a story about Pete Zeidner: "He had already biked more than 200 miles on his three-wheeled recumbent bicycle, and he was excited to finish the last 100 miles on the fifth day of the six-day Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure in 1999. Pete has cerebral palsy, but his tailor-made recumbent bicycle gave him the freedom to move.

He didn’t know it then, but that was the last ride he would ever take on his own.

In 1991, eight years before his accident, Zeidner decided to bike 1,000 miles around Ohio to raise money for cerebral palsy research. He raised $10,000 and wanted to continue, so he started Pedal-with-Pete in 1993, a charity that raises money for cerebral palsy research. He hoped to raise money by cycling around the country himself. But his hopes were shattered on that day in 1999".

About the Organization: Pedal-with-Pete

Pedal-with-Pete is a philanthropic organization, dedicated to raising funds for research to improve the quality of life for persons with cerebral palsy. Fund raising is achieved mainly through charity bike rides occurring in Kent, Ohio, in Columbus, Ohio, and in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

If you have a moment, please read the story about Pete and his charity foundation.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Human Powered Vehicle Challenge Event

Great event this weekend brought to you by Oregon Human Powered Vehicles

The event will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, May 28 & 29, 2011 at Portland International Raceway (PIR) in Portland, Oregon. This unique event has a large variety of racing formats. Rider skills and strengths will be challenged as they compete in any or all of the following:

• Individual Time Trial
• 1/8 Mile Drag Race
• Auto Cross Speed & Agility Course
• 200 Meter All Out Speed Test
• Mass Start Road Race
• Short Track Curvy Road Race

More details concerning any of the exciting HPC events and general race information are available at the OHPV website then follow the links to the appropriate area of interest. Any persons or teams interested in participating in this exciting event can receive further information by sending an email to pirhumanpower[at]comcast[dot]net.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Recumbent Cyclist News is Back!

We are excited to share that RCN Recumbent Cyclist News is back! This was the original news source for all things recumbent established back in 1990. Editor Bob Bryant is back not only writing for us recumbent enthusiast but has plans to open a recumbent Dealership.

RCN is currently publishing new stories but also has archived stories for your enjoyment. So, get over there and browser around and if you find a nugget, please share with us.

Happy reading at Recumbent Cyclist News

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why we Ride

There is nothing like cruising along outdoors riding along your favorite trail with your best mate or solo. We would like to hear from all "Why you Ride".

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amputee riding the SportZ

Take some time to ride along with a Sidewinder Cycle SportZ recumbent trike owner as he travels down the path. In a recent post (Recumbent Trike Modifications) we explored the endless modifications that can be made to Sidewinder recumbent trikes.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recumbent Trike Modification

Comfortably recumbent riding into the New Year, we are fortunate to have worked with many trike owners who require special assistance and adaptations. We were reminded of this when one of our top recumbent dealers, Northwest Recumbents owned by Gary Dagastine, was featured in a recent article in

The article featured Gary's work on adapting a three wheeled recumbent trike for a special customer. The customer was a thirteen year old girl that was born with multiple orthopedic issues that limited the use of her legs. Between July 2009 and May 2010 she endured four spinal surgeries, and now walks with a small cane. Last summer, when her youth group was planning a bike trip, she couldn't ride along - a disappointment that prompted the Danners to contact Dagastine in the first place.

Dagastine said, "Every kid deserves a bike," he explained. "It's a rite of passage, she needed something unique, a bike that was built for her", and the inventive Dagastine was just the man for the job. The trike required hours of labor, but Dagastine told Suzie and Jason he'd build it free of charge. This wasn't Dagastine's first free bike, though. He's given away other adaptive trikes and recumbents, occasionally to children with special needs or disabilities.

This recent article reminded us at Sidewinder Cycle about the many adaptations that can be made to Sidewinder recumbents. Here is a list of some of the adaptations that have been made:
  • adapted steering to operate controls with only one hand or functioning arm

  • adapted duel disc brakes for single side operation

  • made shorter crank arms for people with one leg shorter than the other

  • adapted spacing & moved control handles outward for larger people (people needing more space between the wheel guards)

  • made “pedal hangers” for people with weakened leg muscles.
    adapted the cycle to carry an oxygen tank.

***Note: Sidewinder recumbents come standard with steering handles that allow adjustment for shorter or longer arm lengths.

As you can see, Sidewinder Cycle recumbents trikes are extremely versatile recumbent trikes that can accommodate most of your cycle needs. Contact us today to talk about what accommodations we can provide for you.