Thursday, November 19, 2009

You ask, how can Mileage bring joy to you.

As we so often do, we received an email note from a long time customer and fan of Sidewinder Cycle recumbent trikes, especially our SportZ recumbent, that was happy to share he's love for Sidewinder Cycles and most importantly, how many miles he has rode. With permission, here is the note:

Hi Jim & all-

Just a quick note to thank you for a great Bike! Everything is running well and I just passed the 1500 Mi. Mark on my "SideWinder Sport Z" (LOVE this machine!).

We are in our rainy season here in Oregon, however I'm still able to get a few miles most every day between showers! Best Regards Joe

Here's a snap of my bike computer.

Thanks to Joe for sharing with us.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

84 year old Bikes 150 miles for MS

Thought that after the last post (re. Conviction of Dr. who injured cyclist) that we needed some uplifting news. Found this wonderful piece when having my hot tea the other morning and wanted to share not only the great feat of riding 150 miles but more stunning was the attire she wore!

New Jersey Shore is where this amazing story took place with 84 year old Lan Yin Tsai who is a still practicing massage therapist for MS patients. Every year the National MS Society organizes fundraiser rides across the country to bring awareness and to raise money for the fight against MS.

On the starting line, Lan Yin Tsai was mounted on her single speed Purple bike with a wire basket in front wearing a Green Turtleneck dress with an embroidered jacket and high-heeled pumps! When asked why she dressed like this her response was that she went to church, so I always dressed up and would ride my bicycle. Truly Amazing!

Her grandson rode the 150 miles with her and she finished again. She usually finishes last but has many well wishers waiting for her at the end.

See full story here

Phsyician Convicted for deliberately injuring cyclist

On Monday November 2, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Scott T. Millington ordered the 60 year old Doctor to be jailed immediately after Deputy District Attorney Mary Stone asked for Thompson to be jailed immediately, calling him a flight risk and a safety threat to all cyclist.

This court case stems from the incident in 2008 where Dr. Thompson deliberately slammed on his brakes in front of two cyclist. One cyclist was thrown into the back wind shield of the car and the other was thrown over the car. Bot sustained injuries from the accident.

Dr. Thompson had a prior incident with cyclist four months earlier but the cyclist were not injured. There has been growing tension between cyclist and motorist in this particular stretch of highway. Dr. Thompson was convicted of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and other charges. Sentencing will be on December 3rd where the Doctor could face up to 10 years in prison.

Full story here

Be Safe

Friday, October 23, 2009

To Stop or Not Stop

"If there weren't cars, we wouldn't need stop signs", says Andy Thornley of SF Bicycle Coalition. A recent article on MSN Slate discussed current bicycle laws and how in DC right now there seems to be a trend of stricter enforcement meaning people are actually receiving tickets. Yikes!

There seems to be two groups of thought here, the "vehicularists" and "facilitators." Proponents of "vehicular cycling" believe bikes should act as cars: occupy full lanes, stop at red lights, use a hand signal at least 100 feet ahead of a turn. Facilitators, meanwhile, say we should change the laws and the environment to recognize the innate differences between bikes and cars basically meaning adding more bike lanes and trails.

Safety is always the number one priority for both and how we get there I hope does not distract from the combined advocacy that these groups bring. I want more trails and also to be able to ride on the road but I know I must follow those laws as well. Here is the full article for your interest and let us know what you think.

Keeping it bent,


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bike Touring LA

We at Sidewinder Cycle are always on the lookout for fun and adventure on the bike. Our neighbor to the south in Los Angeles has started bike tours in LA every third Sunday of the month. The rides are called "Get Sum Dim Sum". They also host an art gallery ride the second Saturday of each month. Hats off to these entrepreneurs for organizing not only rides but culturally influenced rides that expose people to bikes and interesting spots in LA that most would not have visited.

So, if you are in Los Angeles during one of the dates that have a ride planned, join them and experience riding and cultural. Here is the link to the article from the LA Times:

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Sidewinder Truth

As I was attending to emails and checking our newly launched Facebook Page I came across a wonderful email from a gentleman named Marcus who recently purchased a Sidewinder Trike. He shared some of the reasons why he purchased the Sidewinder and that he and his wife go on rides together. For the record - she does not ride a Sidewinder...Yet!

After our communication, we quickly followed each other in Facebook and I ran across one of the most amazing pictures we at Sidewinder have ever scene. The photo contains three amazing images: Marcus, a sign and a Sidewinder Trike. Marcus was gracious to allow for us to share this with you.

If you have photos, videos, links or would like to discuss your adventures, please join us on our Facebook page

Till next time, keep getting Bent!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Fold the Sidewinder

Why a folding recumbent? Well, there are several reasons why we created the ability to fold the recumbent bike.

1. Ease of transportation: transporting a recumbent can be very difficult because of the size and awkwardness of the trike. The Sidewinder has quick release features for all of its folding points including the seat, wheels and front tube. Once the seat and wheels come off all that is left is the frame which compacts down. A recent comment from a new Sidewinder owner as to the reason they purchased the trike was because they were able to fold the trike and put it into their Toyota Corolla!
2. Storage: recumbent trikes take up a lot of room unless you can vertical mount to a wall or attach to your ceiling in the garage, but wait, how would you get it up there in the first place? You will avoid all of that with Sidewinder because of the ability to fold up the front tube. This feature cuts the Sidewinder length in half thus reducing the storage capacity. If you need more storage than this, you can take the steps from above #1 and completely fold the recumbent trike.

3. Commuting: yes, many of our Sidewinder Cycle riders are commuters that enjoy the experience of getting in some exercise before and after work. The problem faced with some commuters is where to store your bike once at work. Again, look at above #1 and #2 for options.

Till next time, keep it Bent!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sidewinder Cycle Dealer featured on TV News Story

We are so proud of one of our top dealers in the country and a true hero. Yes, you read that right, True Hero. Let me introduce you to Gary Dagastine of Northwest Recumbent Cycles located in Post Falls, Idaho. Gary is not only a fabulous dealer but a Deputy Sheriff. We call him a hero for many reasons including working with a variety of disabled people/organizations assisting with their riding needs and saving a woman that was seriously injured in a car accident.

It was only a matter of time before the media was going to catch up with the man because what he does for the community cannot go unnoticed. Northwest Recumbents was highlighted in this extended news coverage that does a nice job of covering all of what Gary has contributed. We really liked seeing all the people enjoying the Sidewinders. Click here for the story and scroll down the left for the video

Enjoy the ride,


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sidewinder Cycle New Website

New website finally here with a new approach, color and communication. Red is for action and that is what our recumbent bikes provide. Action to get outside and enjoy the sites, sounds and smells of Spring with Summer quickly approaching.

Our new website will allow you to explore the history of Sidewinder Cycle from the beginning over 15 years ago . You will also be able to see each Sidewinder recumbent trikes in action (see the new model Roadrunner recumbent bike ). And finally, for those of you that want to wear the Sidewinder cycle motto "Bent for Health", we have shirts .

Enjoy the site and send us feedback.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Welcome all to the Sidewinder Cycle blog. We are excited to share with you product updates, like the introduction of our newest model (the Roadrunner), history of Sidewinder Cycle, behind the scenes information about recumbent development, pictures from rides, stories from Sidewinder friends that are out enjoying their new found toy and Sidewinder Cycle dealers throughout the country and what they are doing.

And please, comment, advise, share pictures, videos...anything that would bring value and interest to all that enjoy cycling in the outdoors or sometimes indoors for those if you that cannot go outside during the winter months.

Upcoming post planned:
  • New website revealed
  • Sidewinder Youtube Channel
  • Following us on Twitter
  • See more pictures on Flickr
  • New model-the Roadrunner and how the name was decided
  • Events for 2009-when, where, time and how to request an event/demo
  • Exercise and you

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your day. Keep coming back for more...

Monday, February 2, 2009