Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A 1,000 Miles Completed on the Sidewinder Trike

Well, as quickly as we announced the journey, the LetsGoHarry adventure has ended. Harry logged just over 1,000 miles from Ventura County down to Mexico, back to Ventura then North to San Luis Obispo and back to Ventura. What an experience this has been for Sidewinder Cycle and for adventure rider Harry Muller. We congratulate Harry on the successfully completing this journey.

The experience was a first for Sidewinder Cycle and proved valuable in many ways:
  • Developed Custom Fully Enclosed Velo shell

  • Carried load of over 150lbs

  • Developed special dual tubed fork

  • Special Gearing

  • Developed Custom designed Trailer hitch

We will be refining the Velo design and have interested parties that have inquired if we can make one for them. Will update as refining and test continue.

The Velo and trike will be available for local mid distance adventures. Please email us to discuss:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lets Go Harry! Swiss Adventure Cyclist will ride a Sidewinder Cycle

We are proud to announce the official launch and sponsorship of Harry Mueller, adventure cyclist who is planning on riding around the Americas (North & South). To follow Harry's adventure we will make post on our Sidewinder Cycle blog and Facebook Page.
Harry is setting out on an amazing adventure and one that we did not believe at first. Harry called us at the end of the year with this crazy story about wanting to ride to the tip of Alaska, then across Canada, head down back into the States then cross back over then down into South America. The kicker was that he wanted to do this on a trike.
Well, we finally talked enough that he convinced us that he was going to do this adventure and that the Sidewinder trike would be perfect. So now, he has just completed a test ride for us (600 miles) and is set to go forth on his adventure that honestly, is not that crazy to us after all.
There is so much to share on this story and the great thing is that it will be growing and continuing as Harry makes his way up through the states to Alaska. The next post will talk about the custom build we had to do (yes, we will share pictures) and our first ever Sidewinder Cycle Velo. We will also share the story behind Harry's motivation for doing this adventure and it will be a post you will not want to miss.