Thursday, January 28, 2010

City of Los Angeles to study "How to Protect Cyclist"

The City of Los Angeles announced that they will be launching a study on how to better protect cyclist. Cyclist have been advocating for better laws to assist with their protection during commuting, training and leisure cycling. I hope this includes two wheel recumbent and recumbent trike riders as well.

More people are turning to alternative forms of transportation and cycling is one that is gaining in participation (along with recumbent riding). With this increase, roads are crowded with cars, buses and cyclist all vying for a share of the road. Sounds like the tour de France but with no barriers.

Los Angeles city council voted to pursue this study which is a major step for cycling advocates. Items of interest for the study include creating more bike lanes, road improvements, a cyclist bill of rights and increased protection by police officers.

This is all good news for cyclist but after reading the comments there is also a shared view that cyclist also need to be accountable for their actions. One of the most commented issue was "cyclist stopping at red lights". The second was following all the laws of the road. If cyclist are going to ask for a bill of rights, the laws must be followed by all in order for the all sides the ability to share the road.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here are some behind the scenes pics of our new exclusive fairing that we are building for our Sponsored Adventure rider Harry Mueller. The pics show the basic frame layout with bottom welded aluminum panel that will protect and serve as storage.
Not shown is the front part of the fairing that is being built and side panels that will be retractable. This was hand designed by Chief recumbent trike design expert James Nunes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Barber maybe thinking about Retirement at 94

At least once a month a story like this pops up and I jump for joy. This time the story is about 94 year old Elvie Lewis (love the name) of Los Angeles who reports to work 5 days a week at his Barbershop. Elvie as been cutting hair for over 58 years! Throughout the five decades of cutting hair Elvie's shop has endured the different styled cuts and decor.
What brings people back is the atmosphere and conversation. Several items jumped out at me from this article and they were reminders of what keeps us passionate and young:

Do something you are truly passionate about. Elvie has been doing this for 58 years and still does it.

Keep active. Elvie works 5 days a week from 7am to 5pm. That is very active for man in his 90's. Get out and walk, ride a recumbent, swim and breath some fresh air. This not only does the body wonders but the mind as well.

Have friends. The barbershop (or hairdresser, saloon ect...) is a place where conversation occurs and stimulates the mind. These conversations can now be extended and continued on Facebook (join Sidewinder here)

Smile. In the only picture of Elvie he is smiling but for some reason I know that from the article that this man is always laughing and smiling. So put a smile on that face :)

Click here for Article on Elvie

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Monitoring your RPE (Rating of Percieved Exertion)

As the New Year begins and more people are getting out and exercising a main question arises, "how does one monitor your exercise tolerance"?

Exercise tolerance is defined: The RPE is a means of determining how hard you are exerting yourself, including physiological (how hard you are breathing, how fast your heart is beating) and muscular strain (how much you feel the exertion in your muscles). The scale measures your answer to the question: "How hard do you feel the exercise is?" The scale goes from 6 to 20.

RPE scale Rating number Perceived exertion
6 Very, very light
8 Very light
10 Light
12 Somewhat hard
14 Hard
16 Very hard
19 Very, very hard

To increase your cardio level it is recommended to vary your workout schedule with light days moderate and hard. Use the scale to evaluate your work outs and always have fun when out riding your recument.