Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Jim Talks" eHub Motors

Chief Engineer, James Nunes again shares his recumbent expertise in what he likes to call, "Jim Talks" series. James has been building recumbent trikes for over 15 years and is an industry leader in the progression of recumbent trikes using eHub and electric assist motors.

Listen as Jim discusses the variety of batteries that are available and what he recommends.

Sidewinder Cycle, Inc. – Sidewinder Cycle is a leading maker of recumbent trikes. Based in Fillmore, Ca., Sidewinder makes two recumbent trike models – the best selling SportZ and the ProCruiser. Both models feature the company’s patented front wheel drive power source with rear wheel steering. Sidewinder’s mission is to perfect the recumbent exercise experience while providing the most comfortable ride. Its motto, “Bent for Health” plays on what recumbents are sometimes referred to (bent) and their long standing mission on being healthy. Sidewinder Cycle can be found on the Web at

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